This is just an ordinary role-play. Follow the rules. Here they are:

There are aloud to be only 5 queens, and they cannot be the same tribe.

You can be a crossbreed.

NO animus dragons whatsoever. Nothing to do with animus dragons.

Just a hint of romance, okay?

Violence is aloud. In fact, in my part of the role-play there will be a lot.

You must fill out the ID.

You may not be a dragonet from the prophecy unless you were some type of extra.


Name: Haze

Tribe: Nightwing-Icewing crossbreed

Appearance: Light blue with black patches in a bunch of places, black tail, purple eyes, stars under wings are pitch black, pretty big, spikes studded onto head like a Nightwing, spikes on neck

Abilities: Fire, freezing-death breath, flight

Personality: Pretty mean, very very powerful, secretive,doesn't trust anyone, has a habit to kill whoever she sees


Haze was sitting on the edge of the cliff, looking into the night sky above the ocean. She could hear Seawings in the ocean, and was waiting for the right time to strike. She was kind of like an assassin, in a way, but she didn't do it for a reason. She just did it for fun. She never has had any friends in her life because of the legend. The legend still goes around in her head, and when she thinks of it, she smiles. Next time it's nighttime, remember your not alone, for a Nightwing crossbreed awaits unshone. When she heard the Seawings coming up onto the shore, she materialized into darkness.