Mirage/Queen Shard

Mirage is the middle daughter of Blister. Mirage and her sisters were part of one of Blisters past grand plans. Blister was going to choose one to ensure her bloodline would remain on the throne and kill the other two to prevent any other challengers. They were hidden and trained to be loyal to their mother. Mirage was hatched on the brightest night and narrowly avoided having her mother kill her for it. She was saved by a genral who had worked for burn in the past and could not stand to see more innocent eggs crushed. Mirage survived her mothers cruelty due to her animus abilities. Although she inherited her mothers wit, even she could not find a practical way around the curse. The claws on her front right talon are made of solid titanium where she has trapped the curse, and every spell she uses makes them wickeder. She discovered her ability at barely one year of age when she murdered her sisters and ruined Blisters plan. She was imprisoned by her mother rather than put to death, she was given two years to become loyal to her mother or suffer death. When nothing changed within the two years, she managed to escape by shifting form into a skywing dragonet and fleeing to the skykingdom, this was when she really discovered the curse and designed her attempt at escaping it. She adopted the name Calamity and spent three years fighting for Burn, until she was pronounced missing in action. She had slipped away in the chaos of battle and spent the next year travelling to various kingdoms in various forms to learn about the tribes. She took the form of a seawing and used the name Abyss to visit the sea kingdom, a rainwing with the name Coronation, a mudwing named Quake and finally she returned to the kingdom of sand to plan her trip to the kingdom of ice. But in the kingdom of sand she encountered the tale of the icewings loosing their animus to the nightwings. And she developed a plan to take their throne, she was just as evilly witty as her mother.

Mirage's forms
Sandwing Icewing Nightwing Rainwing Seawing Mudwing
Mirage Shard Malor Coronation Abyss Quake
Pale silver/white/gold scales with the same patterning as her mother and 5 black diamonds in a row behind her eye. All horns and claws are edged with black (except for front right claws). She is incredibly large for her age.

Pale silver scales, thin long horns with faint engravings

In them. 5 silver diamonds in a line behind her eyes. She has streaks of silver down her wings and on her snout and claws. Incredibly large for her age with hee horns arranged to look like a crown.

Deep, pure black scales with a line of silver diamonds

In a line behind her eyes. Silver diamond patterning

All down her back and tail. Her horns are also silver and her eyes are silver. She is incredibly large for her age and she was hatched under 3 full moons.

She ussually displays a variety of silvers and blacks 

and silvers on her scales. She has unuasually

Big wings and fangs and is incredibly large in size. She also has an unusually long tail.

Very deep black/blue with silvery, aqua diamonds

in a line behind her eyes  and silvery aqua webs, fins And silver spray patterns on the underside

of her wings and her underside.

She is also incredibly large for her age.

Pale amber brown scales with flecks of gold and 5 golden diamonds

in a line behind her eyes. Black/brown scales run down the front of her legs and her face. She is a little bit large for her age.


Deep blood red scales tipped in black with gold flecks. 5 gold

diamonds in a line behind her eyes and a small elegant pattern

of gold diamonds down her neck, back and tail. She is slightly

abnormally large for her age.

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