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Roleplays are like stories that we create with cooperation and patience. If you have an idea for our roleplay, put it below in a seperate section. We'd love to hear from you! And please, no main characterism or Mary/Gary Sues because all our characters are special and awesomesauce.

16.505225cb's Ideas

I think we should each make up a territory, and then start roleplay. So, people know what places you can't get to, and the places you can. 16.505225cb (talk) 05:32, November 27, 2012 (UTC)

Companion7's Ideas

Perhaps we should discuss how the tribes got allied to each other in the first place-such as why the rainwings, swiftwings, nightwings, and flamewings are all united.

Biocraft's Ideas

I was thinking they* fly to a remote island and then they fing a old artifact that gives them elemental abilities, for exsample

Clay can controle the eath and mud

Tsunami can controle the water and oceans

Sunny can controle the heat and sand

Starflight can cotrole the brightness and the shadows

Glory can change the sesons and teliport

(If she is the wings of sky)Pearl can controle the air and fire

  • (the dragonnets)

Mysterygirl000's Ideas

Well I was thinking that during the war, a volcano is about to take place which is in Star's prophecy and every tribe has to do something to stop it, which means uniting, before the volcano destroys them all. I already put it in the roleplay so.......thoughts?